Friday, October 23, 2015

The Friday Mashup! Challenge #231

The Friday Mashup! Challenge #231

For my card I used watercolor paper and i drew a scary face on it. Cut out the holes for the eyes, nose and mouth and covered those with purple tissuepaper., I just used a gluestick to adhere it to the watercolorpaper.

The whole card is made of watercolorpaper I scored at the top to make the fold.
I then used my gluegun to outline the facial features and  "draw" a kind of bark on the whole cardfront.

Similar to what I did with this card, I could have black heat embossed it, but I don't have any black e.p. So instead I used black acryllic paint. let it dry and flatten back again underneath some weights.
I thought the watercolor paper would help, but I guess it wasn't heavy enough.

to take the picture I've put a battery operated candlelight inside..spooky!

I got the idea from this video and thought if I make those I'd use toiletroll paper, but instead I made this card, I intend to make more and use them as place cards for my Halloween dinner.

I made these votives around st Patrick's day as shown by Shari Caroll. and that's how I came to make spooky ones, these are rolled up sponged cardstock and a linnen textured one, but the toiletrolls seem like a good idea/progression.

if you have spooky face dies or maybe skull and crossbones you wouldn't need to draw a face yourself if you're not confident enough or want to make them all the same.

Sorry no ribbon, not spooky enough hahaha

For  more information on the The Friday Mashup! Challenge #231, see this


  1. Love how you created the scary face, this looks so awesome! Great job!

    Thanks for joining us at The Friday Mashup!

  2. What a creative card! I love your artistic process. Thanks for joining the Friday Mashup this week.

  3. Ooh...spooky looking card and creative!! Thank you for joining us over at Friday Mashup's challenge.