Monday, October 26, 2015

Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge: throwback

Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge: throwback

For my Challenge I went back to Ovtober last year and found the challenge of the 13th: O is for....

O is for October and October is for Halloween or fall. Spiderwebs appear all around my house, usually in the walkway...have you ever walked into one and it stuck to your face? bleh.
I made a card I intend to use as placement card for my Halloween dinner.
Halloween isn´t celebrated really in The Netherlands, But I like it!

Last year is was on Friday and on Friday I make dinner for a group of friends.
this year I will still make a special meal on Friday, not telling you just yet what it is. But you can scroll down if you want to see last year´s ...

OK on to the card. I made a video for it too, if you´d liek to have a look.
But basically I drew a spiderweb, traced it with my gluegun, sprinkled it woth embossingpowder to color it white, then used reinkers from Distress ink (chipped sapphire and faded jeans to color the hotpressed smooth watercolorpaper.

If you have a spider and web stamp of die it might be easier, but I don't for above mentioned reason.
I like the chunky feel if gives and the handmade feel too.
For more information on the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge: throwback, see this

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  1. Wow, that spiderweb is so cool! Great idea! Thank you so much for sharing with us at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog!!